About us

Scriptech Traduction provides translation, editorial and revision services to a very demanding international clientele. Since 1987, our expertise is noted not only in highly specialized fields such as telecommunications, engineering and natural resources, but also in texts of a more general and/or creative nature, such as business correspondence, press releases, marketing copy, etc.


Our mission :
Provide you with efficient, high-quality translation services, at a very competitive price.


Our work ethic :
Accuracy – We are committed to rendering the meaning of your texts faithfully and accurately.
Reliability – We always deliver on time.
Fair pricing – We do everything we can to optimize the use of our ressources in order to keep costs down for our clients.
Services tailored to your needs  – We analyze the specific needs of each of our clients, in terms of both form (terminology, technical requirements, etc.) and overall approach (corporate culture, target audience, purpose, etc.)



Our services

  • English to French translation
  • French to English translation
  • Linguistic revision of texts in French and in English
  • Writing of both technical and general texts
  • Transcription of audio files



Our rates

Our rates, per-word for translation and hourly for revision, vary according to the complexity of the job.

We invite you to e-mail your document(s) to annie.simard@scriptech-tr.com and indicate the nature of your request and the desired delivery date.

An acknowledgement of receipt will be issued, a project number will be assigned, and a bid will be sent to you shortly.

We will ask you to confirm the acceptance of this bid, so that the work may begin.

The document will be delivered to you by the deadline established.


To contact us

By e-mail: annie.simard@scriptech-tr.com
By telephone: 418 454-2569